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Monster Hotel

Monster Hotel is a fast paced game where you must look after a hotel with a variety of very unusual guests! The inhabitants of Monster Hotel can be a fickle bunch, and keeping them sweet is going to be difficult.

You start out with one or two guests, and your first job is to put them in a room they’ll be happy with. That sounds easy, right? However, each monster’s needs will change randomly over time so you’ll need to keep moving your guest around to keep them happy. The longer you last, the more guests will arrive. Things can get very hectic as you try to please dozens of monsters, dragging them around with the touchscreen to drop them into different rooms.

Happy monsters earn you points. Unhappy monsters will start to look upset (and trigger a HUD icon to let you know if they’re upset and off screen), and this is your cue to find out what they want and quickly move them into a room they’ll be happy with… But will that make any of the other monsters unhappy? When a monster has been unhappy for a set period of time, they’ll get angry, and that’s when your Harmony Bar starts going down (think of this as your “life”). Once Harmony hits zero, your hotel is clearly a hotbed of raging angry monsters, and it’s game over!